Friday, 13 April 2012

Create A Group In Facebook

You may have seen many groups in Facebook and might have wondered how to create one.
Well then this is your lucky day cause this post will help you to create a group in Facebook.
Follow these steps accordingly and soon you can proudly say that you have created a group in Facebook.

  • Login to your Facebook account (you do have one right???)
  • Go to your home page  and click Create Group in the left hand column
  • If you are already part of other groups you may have to click the more option before you see the Create group link
  • A box appears and you'll be asked to add a group name (Add a nice one), add members(you really need these guys) and also set the privacy settings for your group.
  • Create A Group In Facebook
  • Select the Create Group button when you're done with the things mentioned above

Once the group is created,you will be taken to the group's page.
For editing etc click at the top right of the page and select Edit Group.From here you can add group description,add a group picture,Email address,manage members etc
Congrats you have created a group.Now make the group really active by sharing photos,videos,updating status etc in the group